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But what if Eren never recovered from witnessing his mother’s death? What if he grows up a broken child who never joined the military because his mother asked him not to so he takes up his missing father’s medical career, still carrying the traumatizing images of his mother being eaten by titans.

One day, he receives an urgent message from the Survey Corps, asking for his medical expertise due to lack of staff after a failed mission. This is where he ends up saving the life of Lance Corporal Levi, being the only doctor with the knowledge to fix him up. Levi starts visiting Eren’s practice whenever he has time as a sort of thank you. They get to know each other and slowly, Levi starts to mend the hole in Eren’s heart. The fire in his eyes begins to return and he makes a promise to help humanity in anyway he possibly can, he’s even willing to become a soldier, despite his mother’s last wishes. 

In the end, Eren moves his practice to the Survey Corps headquarters where he takes the role as head medic and a proud member of Levi’s personal squad. He gets personal training from Levi and quickly learns the ways of a soldier, assisting them in the field and putting his medical knowledge to good use. He believes his mother would be proud of the life he’s built, with the Corporal never leaving his side. 

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hi new followers and ghouls.. heh.. you guys are the best ..

anyway now that preorders are over I can post my submission “The Last Titan” for the SnK artbook I was in. I’ll be selling the Operation Requiem artbooks at AX! (you can also get them at feyuca and yuumei’s tables), and for any artists in the book you may also pick up your copy from me at I35.

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yo people

Milu got a sock from her boss, meaning she is Free!!, meaning she will draw hella bunch of stuff for you as a thanks for sticking with her through the semi-hiatus! She is excited!

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and in that moment, i swear, my otp was born

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Eren cn RAKI_只要相公你一个

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Title: Fear
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OOC: This was very fun to do! Hope you all like it. 

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Wow, get a room you two.

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*aggressively cuddles his abnormal*

uni was stressful today so I needed to draw something gross and cute

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You were my best friend and boyfriend
Now it seems like you’re my worst friend
I gotta do soul searching
Without you I’m a whole different person.

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y’all need some fluff here you go

i just realised literally all of these were drawn for girl-in-a-well omfg